Sunday, May 24, 2009

Opening day, 2009 Escapade - Sedalia, MO

Today was the opening day of the 2009 Escapade.   In the morning, Sandy was at her table signing people up for her two workshops.   Gene visited with casual acquaintances and also explored the market area.  He didn't see anything he really had to have today.  He did price a 50  Amp plug that he needs to pickup.  Back at the rig, he went on eBay to price the units if ordered via eBay.  The plug was $16 at the market and about $25 delivered from an eBay seller.    So I'll get one soon.

We met numerous friends in the afternoon and enjoyed catching up on what has happened in their lives.  Also, several folks have asked me about if, when or why are we not having a ComputerBOF post Escapade workshop?  I tried to explain why Sandy and I decided to  not commit the group to the room rental.   We had/have our doubts about the group being willing to pay the rates that are asked for at the fairgrounds.    Obviously, at the Computer BOF meeting on Monday afternoon, we'll decide our groups direction.

In the evening, we attended the musical production by 3 fellows, who in the course of the evening used 30 different instruments in their program.    They were very talented fellows.

Back at the rig now, it is nice to be off of our feet and relaxing.   


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