Friday, May 15, 2009

It's all over, including the shouting!

Hip, Hip, Harrah.   We finished another Computer Rally and I survived.   The other half threw a few missiles my way and I chose to ignore them.    (It is hard to argue with the presenter when they have the microphone.)   Long live XP!

Anyway, we joined the rest last night  for a dining out dinner at the Northside Cafe.    Frankly, I wonder how the place keeps going.   When we made the reservation a week ago on Saturday, there were only one or two people in the cafe.  Last night, I think there were  2 people in one booth.   So if it wasn't for us, it would have been a negative cash flow evening.

The rains came last night and continued for much of the morning, and they were heavy at times.   Sandy spent the morning getting the books in order and re-working my summary for the Escapade Seminar that I'm presenting  on Boondocking.    We were able to break her away from her task so that we could go to Greenfield to have lunch with a college and AFROTC classmate.   John and I had numerous classes together, farm boys, German parentage and other similar interests.    The big difference now is that I'm in great health while John has had several brushes with the end with a heart that has quit several times on him.   It certainly is a wake up call to me that "but by the Grace of our Lord, that could be me."    We may have a few aches and pains, but the only real expense is the yearly physical.

Since we paid for 5 nights and get two nights free, we're still here at the fairgrounds.  Tomorrow morning it is laundry time before we head down the road.   We are heading south to a Warren county park near Medora, IA.  Its claim to fame is that it is primative camping for free.  Supposedly, open meadow with a few trees to dodge getting to the camping area.  Our plan is to give our solar system another real test.   (We do have our generator along if need be.)

Every one, have a great day.    Gene

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