Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two down, one to go!

We're past the mid-way point and Sandy has completed both of her seminars and I have one to do on Thursday after lunch.    Perhaps things can start getting back to normal in this household.  (Sandy doesn't get excited, she just lives on the computer, writing and re-writing her outlines.)   Then the printer said it was out of toner last week, which didn't help.  But when you have a second printer in standby, you'd think you're in great shape.  But it went belly up after one page and indicated to her that she needed a new driver for it.   The good news is that it did work when she finally got the driver downloaded and installed.   Printers are a big pain!

Today in Sedalia, it rained again some.  The members are beginning to wonder if we'll ever get out of where we're at.   The ground does not seem to absorb the water very fast.   We have at least gotten smart enough that we park our Saturn on the other side of the road, slightly up hill from the road.   If we park it in front of our rig, it requires backing out uphill, which is much more difficult.   But the weather man promises us "wall to wall" sunshine tomorrow after about 7 AM.  

Today, I attended two seminars, one on Geocaching and one on cooking with a Dutch Oven.    Both were interesting.  The  Geocaching requires time, which I always seem short of.   The Dutch Oven use feeds my stomach, which I'm always in favor of.  However, the presenter admitted that he carry's over 100 pounds of Dutch oven stuff, just a bit more than I'm willing to donate to such a worthy cause.   One oven is okay, a half dozen is just too much for me.

Yesterday afternoon, we took our voltmeter with us to help a neighbor solve a charging problem with his new solar system.  It turned out that his problem was operator error.   As he explained the system to me,  he suddenly realized  that he had disabled the system 3 days ago by leaving a switch in the wrong position.  We shall see tomorrow.

Time for the sack!


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