Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering our hero's

It is Memorial Day today and our initial thought is that it is just another day.    But it wasn't.    The evening program was by a family from Branson, MO  (The Brett Family - Mom, Dad, daughter and two sons.)    It was well done.  What really opened my tear ducts was a poem by their mom honoring our fallen veterans that never came home.   Perhaps I'm getting soft in my old age, or just learning to understand the price that so many paid for my freedom.   We owe them a lot.

What really started my day was the reading of Nick Russell's blog.   I have become a faithful reader of the blog written by Nick Russell.  His Blog is at:  .  Nick doesn't know how to use a hammer, a saw or just about any other tool we normally pick up.   But Nick knows how to write.  His Memorial Day tribute to our fallen comrades was from his own personal experience as a veteran from the jungles of Vietnam.    Its been many years since his jungle experiences, but the pain and suffering is still there underneath the friendly Nick

Getting back to our morning, I skipped the two morning seminar sessions and visited the chapter displays and visited with friends.  Then after lunch, we helped get Sandy's seminar session setup.  Her session on Visita items went very well and was wall to wall people.   One reason was that they crowed her into a very small room.     I went to a seminar in the adjoining room on Investing.  Dave Loring is a friend and he was very emotional about the whole current economic situation.  His feelings are that our newscasters have created the appearance of massive problems to keep you coming back for more news.   They want you as a listener.    All of the so called experts on the various news programs are news people, not licensed brokerage agents.   As such, they are not libel for what they say.    So take what they say with a grain of salt.

Our last item in the afternoon was a meeting of our computer group.    For the last 6 or 7 years, we have organized (in the name of the group), a Post Escapade Computer Workshop.    We didn't this year because we just felt that the cost figures were too extravagant for what the group would want or expect.   After some discussion, the group endorsed without argument our decision.   They really want a workshop, but definitely not at that price.   We'll consider it again next year.

So other than the rains today, everything went very well.   But to be fair, the rains didn't slow us down or greatly inconvienence us much.    (It was never raining hard when we had to be out.)  Tomorrow is another day and the weather forecaster predicted more rain.    So it may or may not rain, we'll just take what comes, when it comes.


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