Sunday, May 17, 2009

A quiet day in the park

Believe it or not, but we're actually doing a blog posting again today, and there is even something worthwhile to say (there always is).
I should have mentioned yesterday that when we arrived, Sandy decided to try her wings again.  They failed her again!  She landed rather hard next to the front wheel.   It seems that the step height from the motorhome step to the ground was more than she expected.    So Ker-plunk and when I turned around, there she was laying on the ground with her head and shoulders again the front wheel.    Not a good way to start out our stay here in the county park.   But after 24 hours, I think the only injury was her pride.  She doesn't even have any bruises, which is a first for her.
Today was a very slow day.  Since we're without electric power (and no heater at night), we threw on the extra blanket and snuggled up in the sack.  It was 50 degrees inside when we ventured forth this morning and it hasn't been very warm all day.  But the weather man promises to do better tomorrow.  (I can't wait until we hit the 82 he is promising on Wednesday.)
The two tents and the travel trailer have pulled out, so we have the park to ourselves.  Right now, the birds are keeping us entertained.   We have been using our time to catch up on things.  Sandy is working on a newsletter and I'm reviewing a seminar outline that I lead next week.  But we can't complain, as we volunteered for both.  (If there isn't enough sun to keep the computers running, we start the generator for a while.)   After all, you have to have a purpose in life.
Perhaps this is enough for now.

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