Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solar is the Cat's meow

We do love our solar, there is no doubt about it.    Yesterday, Sandy needed some space filler for her latest newsletter for the Iowa Chapter, so I wrote about coming here and depending upon solar and how our AH meter worked.    So this morning, she asked "What is the AH meter for?"  Okay, my opportunity to educate her on what we have.  But before I could explain it, she cut me off, she was too busy now making breakfast to concentrate on solar.  Oh well, another day.

It is hard to get used to life here in the slow lane.   Two weeks ago, I didn't have enough hours in the day, trying to get things ready for planting on the farm.    Yesterday, we relaxed under the tree, making notes about my upcoming boondocking seminar next week.  It is done, I'm just seeing what else I  should or might say.

I thought for a little while that the park here was going to  turned into a zoo.  Two school buses came in and dropped off 60 second graders.   I was astonded to think that they were going to let the kids wander through the forest here.   Sure it is on a trail, but can you keep little ruffins on the straight and narrow for that long?    But to my relief, in about 30 minutes, the kids came running back on the road, with about a dozen adults dragging up the rear.   Supposedly, they had lunch along but we didn't go to the picnic area to check on them.   They were not in the camping area!

While reviewing my notes and watching the world go by, I noticed a turkey gobbler go wandering across the road about 100 feet away, east to west.   So we really are out in the sticks.  In a nearby site, there are two tents, but they appear to only be occupied from sundown to sun up.   Okay, what ever makes them tick.   They did have a fire last night.   


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