Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Water Heater is replaced

The title says it all!!!!!   I was able to  replace the water heater today.  I removed the bad one and installed the replacement and quit at 3 pm.  I have some minor things to put back, but nothing serious..  To top it off, I think the heater works on both gas and electric.  That is what I'm really thankful for since the origin of the package was a bankrupt motorhome factory.  When I say package, I should say that it was an "un-packed" stock item.  So there is always the possibility that it didn't work for the first user.  However, looking at the unit, it has never been installed or wired in. I think I picked up a winner!

I do need to give credit to Winnebago for the way they installed the unit.  The two water lines were not quick disconnects, but they were reasonable to access.  What a joy to have that task out of the way.

We are patiently waiting for a good spring rain. Sadly, the weather man isn't giving us much hope for any moisture soon.  But as I've told a local, it always has rained at least the day before it is too late.  We'll leave it to the Lord again for us.

Yesterday was Cedar Rapids for a physical for Sandy.  Tomorrow it is Cedar Rapids for a dental appointment for both of us.  They Friday it is again Cedar Rapids for Sandy for a heart check up.   Perhaps that will be it until fall when I let the doctor have a shot at me.


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  1. Did you replace the water heater yourself? Can I get some DIY tips about this? I've been calling professionals for it every leak, replacement or installation, but it’s burning a hole in my pocket. I want to learn how to do it on my own and save money. Please help! Mignon Her