Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I had this entry about 80 percent written and I think that I took a short cat nap.  Anyway, presto, what was written is no more. What a revolting  development.

We finished the light pole project on Friday.  The REC folks insisted that we needed to  have a new replacement pole because they felt that the old pole was too rotten.  They  did that part of it for free.  However, I have to pay for the local electrician's time to remove and replace the wires.  When they were done, I then finished the ground  level hookups and then we had to clean up the area. But it is done.

The corn that was planted two weeks go, was sprouted last Sunday and is growing nicely. We'd like some rain, but Mother Nature will have to take care of that department.  What mother Nature  has provided us with is lots of heat.  It was warm last week and hot this weekend.  Supposedly, it is to cool down to more seasonal temperatures this week. We are ready for it.

Later this week, I need to get the replacement water heater installed.  We wanted to take it to a local RV repair shop nearby but on Friday when I tried to visit with him, we found out that he is out of business.  So I'll save my dollars and do it myself.  We'll blog it when I'm done (I hope).  

Before I lose this copy, here it is!


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  1. There has to be an RV dealer over there that will replace the heater for you. If there isn't one close, I'm sure Plaza RV in Bondurant will do it for you. They have been more than good to us for 5 years now.