Friday, May 18, 2012

On the Farm, catching up on stuff

Okay, as you can see, we're not the most prompt of writers.  But then considering the pay, it is about right.

We returned from the Don Williams County Park last Sunday to the farm, where we found all of the corn and beans planted.  Now we need some rain, which has really been turned off for the last two weeks.  However, it will happen in time.  Trust mother nature (all farmers do.)

Now that we're back on the farm, it was time for me to get serious on fixing our water heater.  We found out while at Don Williams that the controller was shot, so Monday we dug into the problem.  The fire that had erupted on the outside of the heater had melted some of the wires and there was a black mess.  We separated the wires and attempted to use the gas heat.  It refused to work.  So we probably cremated the controller (another $150 bucks).   Secondly, we learned that after the wires were separated,  the electric heating element also wouldn't work.    So we fiddled around and was able to enabl                                                                                   e the heating element relay manually and presto, we have hot water.  What a relief!

So now we have it fixed.  If we turn the water heater AC switch on about 45 minutes before we need hot water, it works. Doing it that way also removes the internal thermostat, so we have to remember to turn it off after 45 minutes.  That we can handle  with the help of a timer.

So after considering our options Tuesday and Wednesday, we finally looked for a source of a replacement controller or water heater.   The second RV salvage yard we called had a brand new water heater of the same model as we have.  We thought about it for a night and called him this morning and bought it.  It ought to be here next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Getting it installed will likely be a real challenge also.  The problem (or challenge or opportunity) is that all of the connections are in the back and must be worked through a 10 by 15 inch opening from beneath the heater.  We start the task, but if the going gets too rough, I just may call on the RV repair shop in a neighboring town and ask him to finish it (if he will)!  But digging in is how we learn.   Since all of it is outside under the RV, it is almost certain to start raining next week.  So I have to wait a week?  I can handle that!


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