Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A quick trip North to Mason City (by toad)

About a month ago, I got myself in deep trouble when I told our Escapee Chapter President that we would host a July rally  if no one else came through for him.   One little detail I forgot was tell Sandy about it.  So for the last couple of weeks, I've been suffering from verbal abuse because we don't have our rally planned and "what are we going to do?".   So today we changed that.  We took the Honda and drove to Mason City.

All went well really.  It is a long drive, but we survived it well. On the way (nearly there), we stopped at a care center to visit with Sandy's brother.  He had stroke last summer and he is what he is. At least he can talk, which is a blessing..

Then on to Mason city where we located an eating establishment, then a Frank Lloyd Wright hotel and bank building (together) and a FLW house.  On the way to the hotel, we also said, Yep, there is Music Man Square which we'll also tour (Meredith Wilson memorabilia).   It looks like we'll have enough tours for the rally.

We then headed north to a County Nature Center to see if it was high on our list of "we need to tour it!"  However, after spending 30 plus minutes there, we decided that it didn't measure up.  It does have lots of stuffed water birds and birds of prey, but nothing really pulled our chain.

It was then on to the county park that we intend to use.  It was as expected and if we can occupy  the sites near the shelter, it also will be ours for the duration.  (No reservations allowed.)

Then it was a long drive back to the farm.  I gave up part way and turned the job over to Sandy and I guess I sacked out.   I did take over the driving later.   We are  home, safe and both of us are very tired. We'll sleep very well tonight!


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