Thursday, May 10, 2012

Don Williams County Park (Odgen, IA)

Sandy and I decided to move to the May Rally site a day early.  I'm not sure why, but we're here with lots to do.  It's called "Make work", since nothing is schedule really until Saturday's Luncheon.  But this gives us more time to visit with all of our friends that we haven't seen since last fall.

It is a nice park and in the area we're in  (I think there are about a 100 sites), it has or will have about 10 members of our group and 3 or 4 others.  To put it another way, There is lots of room!  But I like it this way.

There seems to be no end to our trials and tribulations with something on our motorhome.  A week ago, we had a back flame in the water heater compartment and it burned the safety fuse after scorching several of the wires in the compartment.   The day was saved when the safety fuse opened and shut the gas off.

So we obtained a replacement 2 days ago along with a new thermostat.  However, being a bit skittish  on just turning it on, we've been using a timer when we enable the electric heating element.  So yesterday when we arrived, I told Sandy to turn it on, since we're not billed for our electric usage here.  Well, guess what. After a couple of hours, water suddenly started to spray out of the temperature/pressure relief valve on the side of the tank.  The heater was stuck on and was boiling the water, thus over pressuring the system.  So we put a quick end to that.  We'll not do any testing until we get back to the farm.  Then we'll try to determine why the new thermostat didn't shut the system off properly.  At least my water pump continues to work!

Right now, lunch is over and it is time to get outside to make sure I don't miss any of the latest news


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