Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sandy is on the Mend

I've mentioned it a few times in the last 2 weeks that Sandy was suffering from a sinus problem. Well yesterday, we bit the bullet and took her to the ER at the hospital in Parker. At the nurses check her in, I was pleased to see that she had no fever and that her blood pressure was normal. The end result was that they prescribed an antibiotic plus a cough syrup to cut down the coughing. Both seem to be working and last night, Sandy enjoyed a long nights rest. It was so nice for her that she bounded out of bed at 5 AM saying that she just couldn't sleep any more. So guess who else also was up?

Anyway, it is nice to have her on the mend. I'm still the chief dishwasher, which I'd be happy to pass back to her at any time.

The rally that we attended this week ended Thursday night and most of the rigs left yesterday. However, there are enough rigs left so that we're by no means lonely here. Several have told us that they are here until the middle of next week. Why not? The price is right, and we're away from the road noise and best of all, our parking area is like a dead end road. So there is very little dust. Of course, since the rain, the dust level is much lower. One thing we've noticed on our walks is that there is green stuff beginning to grow. It won't be long before the ground will have a greenish tint to it. However, I doubt that we'll be here long enough to see any desert flowers blooming. Some day I'd like to see a Saguaro in full bloom.

Some time next week, we'll pull out of this site. The timing partly depends upon our tank capacities. We still have fresh water and there has been space in the gray and black tanks. When one of the three hits the limit, it will be time to move

This afternoon, I went to the antique car show at the tent and checked out the flea market area again. The cars were nicely polished, mostly old cars that were souped up with bigger engines, etc. My own opinion was that it didn't rate a visit. Yes, they are proud of their work but no, I'm not interested. In the flea market area, I visited with a couple vendors briefly. There has been a moderate amount of traffic, but getting people to part with their money is very difficult. It won't go down as one of their better years!

With that, it is bedtime for me also. (Thank goodness it isn't snowing like it is in the east.)



  1. Gene said: Some day I'd like to see a Saguaro in full bloom.

    Gene to day is the only day you have for sure, better stick around and see the desert bloom. Not every year is a good year because of lack of rain.

    In the past I traveled the Desert from California to Texas because of my Job. It is a sight you will never forget. NO picturesque snow capped mountain scene can ever compare to a great Desert bloom Year.

  2. Gene, if Sandy doesn't see a quick improvement she should get tested for Valley Fever/Desert Fever. Here are a couple of links:

    Know one RVer who got it in AZ in 2008, took way too long to get the diagnosis and he was months getting on the mend. They finally headed back to Canada. Not something to mess with.

    See you both at the Gypsy Journal Rally!

  3. We were at the Quarzsite car show again this year and it was bigger than 2008
    We did not know how to spot you as we travel in the SW
    P & C