Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Night on the Desert

Blog Saturday night

It is so peaceful and quiet out here on the desert, one almost feels like the world has stopped functioning. Sandy had some sinus problems a couple of days ago, but that seems to have corrected itself.

We have now been on the desert 4 days and we seem to be managing our power consumption very well. At least there has been no need for the generator yet. But to do this, we have lowered our TV use to zero and limited the computer use to an hour in the AM and about 4 hours in the evening.

Our power use dropped considerably once I installed 4 LED lamps in the small fixtures such that we don't use the primary overhead florescent any more. I have additional LED lamps, but our fixtures are not equipped with MR16 sockets. If we were someplace where I had access to a lath, I could make my own fixtures, as I already have the MR16 pin sockets.

As we read about the weather in Iowa and the east, Sandy and I give thanks that we're in southern Arizona (which isn't that warm at night).


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