Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We've moved to the High Desert

Today was moving day again and out to the desert we went. It is so peaceful and quiet, not even any road noise. We're a quarter of a mile from the road. No coyotes either; I suspect that we're too far from the big city. (Coyotes have found better pickings when they live close to the urban people.)

We spent a week next door to the flea market (really a new stuff market). Sandy even agreed that it was much easier to see the market when she could walk it a little bit at a time. Yes, I spent a little bit of money, but it was all on stuff I needed, wanted or just had to have!

It truly amazes me what people carry to sell. Whether it is tools, kitchen ware, trinkets or RV parts, the vendors cart around a big bag of the stuff.

I was recently chastised by my primary editor (she is about 41) that my blog is too long. This one is shorter. I hope it passes muster!



  1. It is your Blog, Make it as long or as short as you like. Say what you want to say, it is Gene on the screen . BE YOURSELF.
    some days mine is long some days short some days perfect some days screwed up. just like me

  2. Long or short, I enjoy them both.