Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Weather has Turned against Us!

The sunny and beautiful southwest just let us know that it can be nasty at times. Yesterday, we canceled an outdoor potluck here at our gathering because of high winds. Well, today we had to cancel it again because of really high winds that included rain. Okay, we can't win them all.

One thing that we didn't cancel was an LED light demo. We moved it into our rig. Okay it was a bit crowded, but a lady came out this noon and asked Sandy if she could demo some LEDs. Sandy agreed that she could since I'm very much interested in LED lights. (I was looking at the LEDs in the tent booths this noon.)

This gal had several LED assemblies and put on an impressive demo. We plugged some of the assemblies into sockets in our rig and al-la, there were some bright lights. She in a nice way said that the assemblies I had recently acquired were of the first generation technology while her items ere second or third generation. The difference is that my assemblies use the typical round LED, whereas her assemblies use little square wafer LEDs. She claimed that the devices actually have three LEDs in each square device.

Yes, there were a couple of her items that I'd really would like to have until she told us the price--about $40 a piece. I thought it was a bit steep. After she left, I found a couple of items via eBay and they were about $20 per item. Better, but not what I was looking for. I'll keep looking.

The sports show tent here at Quartzsite was again jammed with people. It didn't take me long to make a quick pass and leaving. There were about 4 or 5 vendors showing LED lamps and all were the same, using the square LEDs. And they were not cheap either. So we'll stick with what we have for a while, it works.

Tomorrow is moving day. We're going to do some house keeping (dump and refill the water tank) and then move to the south side and join the amateur radio group for 4 days. They are hosting a seminar on micro processor controllers just for tinkerers plus Wednesday night a seminar on LED lights. Both items very much appeal to me.

Sandy has been nursing a persistent cough and sinus headache for 5 days now. She is on the mend, but not as fast as she'd like. I'm doing fine. She is also getting tired of being in the rig, which will be home for another 3 days until this weather front moves on east. For you easterners, look out, it has really rocked LA and we've seen more wind and rain than most can remember for this area.

But life goes on. Enjoy it.


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  1. Let me see if I have this right .... my beloved uncle loses in the most-up-to-date LED war? OK, I'll give him second place for economy.