Friday, January 8, 2010

It is so Peaceful and Quiet out here!

We've now been here two nights and loving it. It is so peaceful and quiet, one has to wonder if the world stopped turning. We have plenty of solar power, but not enough that I run our power hog TV. So other than the news online, we are isolated. What I don't miss are the advertisements, which the networks continually increase the number there of.

Sandy had a sinus problem last night and I was up 3 or 4 times to give her a pill or a back rub. It was a bad headache and I need to see if that is an H1N1 symptom. She is fine today, other than tired.

We've met some of our neighbors, the closest is about 200 yards away. We can handle that.

Today I went to Q for some RO water and on the way, we stopped at the Arizona Trust Lands, where I've seen RVs parked. At the fence, the warning signs are pretty blunt “No trespassing”. Well, we talked to one of the guest there and it is legal. Arizona has a program where you can buy a $20 permit that allows unlimited parking on Trust land for a year. No organized groups. Also, no 14 days and you're out. We may look into it for future years. The nice thing about it, it is across the road from the north edge of Quartzsite. Very convenient.

I see that this is approaching one computer screen's worth, so before the editorial cops get riled up, I'd better call it a day. I thought I had another comment or two to make, but I guess they've flown the coop!


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