Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We've got Hitch Itch!

We have been here at Quartzsite on the desert for almost a month and we have hitch itch to get the rig moving down the highway. Sandy is feeling much better, so it shouldn't be a show stopper now. Today we did a drive north to Plomosa Road where our Winnebago group parked to get some Lat/Long measurements. Then it was Laundry time again plus we picked up some odds and ends before returning to the motorhome. She was tired, but ready to go again this afternoon when I wanted to take a drive out west of Quartzsite to an area we have not camped at.

On the return, we stopped at an RV place to see about a backup video system for our rig. The one we have went belly up and I do miss it. Yes, they had one, but I decided to learn more about it online before buying. Well, it is available via for about half of their price, so we are waiting a bit longer.

With all of the activities today, there has been no adverse reaction from Sandy, so I think she is much better. (Perhaps a bit tired, but we expected that.)

When we leave here, our destination is the General Patton Museum at Chiriaco, California. It is right at the southern entrance of Joshua Tree National Park, so that will be our next destination.

The weather has been very decent lately, with rain predicted for Friday night. So I think it is time to move. One thing we have noticed in the desert is that there are lots of tiny grass shoots in the washes. With the rains they've had in the last 2 months, it ought to be a good year for flowers on the desert in the spring. But we're not waiting that long!


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