Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Week on the Desert

We have survived one week here in the desert and all is going well. We have located some of the other group are at and in the last 2 days, they have added numerous RVs to their group. We have moved slightly so that we're where the Winnebago group decided to hunker down at. Yesterday evening we joined them for a long social hour and then at 7:30, I went out for a chat a round the fire. The fireside chat didn't last long, as a very stiff wind, predicted to be 40 to 45 mph came up. At that wind speed, it is not rational to have a fire either, so it was doused and all retired to the comfort of their motorhome.

Yesterday afternoon, we attended the Escapee's afternoon social hour and we must have had 200 to 300 people there. We met lots of friends and everyone seemed to be in a happy mood. Why not, it was sunny, no wind, and a delightful Arizona day.

The wind has been blowing all day out of the NW. It is supposed to continue through tomorrow and maybe into the weekend. Now they are saying that the first two weeks of January and the next two weeks will be just the opposite. So it goes, I guess.

Life could be worse.


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