Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Day is it?

I hate to say it, but it sure is easy to lose track of time here in Arizona. Perhaps the real problem is that other than church on Sunday, we are not involved in that many activities that are on a scheduled basis.

Now that we settled the issue of getting our patio done, we've moved on to other issues. It would make our lot more "rentable" if it had a shed for others to use. So we went to the early morning coffee yesterday to mix with the old coggers that know it all to see what they recommended. We were thinking a metal shed and they highly recommended a plastic shed. So we've been walking around doing an eyeball count of what is most popular in the park and how do they look. Okay, we'd prefer plastic.

So today we attend an Escapee's RV Club luncheon at the Golden Corral. Afterwards we go shopping, especially to find out what sheds are available and how much. We also need some electrical conduit to lay under the concrete so that we can run a power line to the front of the lot for a security light. Fitting 40 feet of pipe in the Saturn will cramp our style a bit, but I think it will work.

There are the little things that really get me. We secured our neighbor's wireless router and then could not get one computer to find the signal and log into it. Oh, VISITA strikes again. I really have a hard time accepting what Microsoft has done to the developed world by changing some of the basic computer functions with each operating system. With XP, service pack 2, finding and logging into a wi-fi signal worked very well. With Visita, it is some times nearly impossible. At least for me, I can stick with XP and I keep saying I'm moving to Linux (the sooner, the better.)

Have a great day.


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