Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yes, it is Warm Here in Casa Grande, AZ

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but when the temperature gets to 90 degrees around here, it is WARM. The problem is one should slow down during the heat of the day and I normally don't.

Today was a big day for us, we went to town for no other reason than to get a haircut (for each of us.) Otherwise, we didn't do any shopping which is a first for us. You don't often find us driving 20 miles round trip and not doing a lot of shopping. After we returned, we looked at our drawing of our proposed patio and then used the tape measure to again confirm our plans. It will be nice!

I'm itching to get it done. One thing we do miss is the group effort that helped us when we did some concrete work on our lot in Florida 2 years ago. My Iowa friends went all out to help us, as they were known to have done for others in the park. Here at Sunscape, there may be a self help work crew, but we're not tied into it. Of course, it takes time to establish those connections and we have not spent that much time in the park. What we have learned is that most (if not all) of the concrete work in the park has been done by local contractors. Such will be the case for us. (I'm sure I'll groan when I see the difference in costs when it is all done.) But some times you just have to do it their way.

This afternoon, I checked out a shovel and a that we can install a second sewer inlet closer to the motorhome. With the present inlet, our 20 foot hose is nearly stretched to the maximum. Our intention is to locate a second inlet right below where it exits the motorhome. There will not be a tripping hazard when you walk around the rig. We had initially checked out only the shovel and quickly decided that a more aggressive tool was needed. We are also soaking down the dig area so that the soil (rock or gravel) is something other than hard dried clay or what ever they call the stuff here. It needs to be an early morning job only. By definition, there is no hurry.


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