Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stopped Dead in our Tracks

We previously told you about finishing the patio pour and our satisfaction with the service. So Monday we decided we ought to put a shed on the pad just poured. Sandy suggested that before we go to Casa Grande to buy a shed, I ought to talk with the local wheels to make sure we don't need a building permit to install the shed. Well, we were stopped dead in our tracks. There is a park wide survey being done to validate all lot boundaries and until it is done, no building permits are being approved. So no shed until at least mid December.

We did go into Casa Grande any way to do some shopping and look again at our shed options. I think we know what we want. Sandy's comment as we left Walmart, "We don't want to go shopping at Walmart the few days before Thanksgiving!" The place was busy, but not over run with shoppers.

Today I decided that we'd tilt our solar panels to see how much better they would perform. Woh, is there a difference. The panels are almost 60 degrees above horizontal. Yes, they work much better. I still don't like the idea of tilting the panels when we park, as it means I have to get on the roof, which is inherently unsafe for an old duffer like myself.

The big task for us in the next few weeks is to assemble the sunscreen that we bought the parts for. Actually, we bought the material and some rods to hold the two ends up. Sandy is to sew the material to the proper dimensions. Gene has to figure out a way to hold it in place without drilling lots of holes. We are hoping that then when we are parked facing the west, the afternoon sun will not be so hot through the sunscreen.

One little item that nearly sank me on Sunday was when I drove the wrong way across those steel guards that supposedly puncture your tires. Well, we drove across the grating and when the gate didn't open, I realized I was at the entry gate, not the exit gate. the only thing I can say is that I was going very slow when I did it, plus we have fairly new tires. Needless to say, I feel very lucky! What was I doing? I was waiting for the cement truck to arrive and I needed to open the gate. I was waiting on the inside and decided that I'd go outside of the park where I had a better view of the road. An impulsive decision that nearly bit me really hard, had they worked as they are supposed to.

We're still collecting lady bugs. I'd guess that there are between 50 and 100 bugs each day. Maybe we'll have them eradicated by spring!


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