Friday, November 6, 2009

Closing out another Week

Here it is Friday evening already and we seem to have gotten so little done here in the park. I guess we make progress in small steps, a little bit at a time.

For starters, we have a park building permit approved to lay a concrete patio on the lot. Supposedly, the contractor will be here tomorrow morning to give us a price. We can handle that. The building committee agreed with my drawing with one minor change. I had understood that we needed to stay away from the lot lines by 3 feet. It is really 3 feet from the side lot lines and 4 feet from the back lot line where the utilities are located. Okay, we can live with that.

When all seemed to be pretty well settled, I mentioned that I had talked to Dale (manager) about adding a sewer inlet so that I didn't need 20 feet of sewer hose. Big mistake, as they informed me that the county rules have changed and I needed a county building permit. Ouch! The committee chairman wasn't certain and called the county office this afternoon. Yep, it is very easy, come to the office, give them $48 and they'll authorize it. A bummer. I decided that I'd skip that effort for a while and this afternoon, we filled the half dug trench back in. I guess as a friend used to say, "You win some, you lose some and some get rained out!"

One piece of good news this week was two LED lamps that I ordered via eBay came in today. (That means our address is correct.) Tonight I tried them to see how much light they put out. To put it simply, it was fantastic. It is plenty of light, but more of a bluest white. The thing I like about them is that the current consumption is very very small. They are an ideal replacement for a general lighting bulb. (Except that the base is two pins, not the standard 1141 socket.)

Sandy and I went to the park breakfast this morning and I got to have my pancakes. They were filling. (I miss the Saturday morning pancakes that were served in Tropic Star RV park in Texas, pancakes, apple sauce, two sausages and juice for a very modest price. Okay, it was 8 years ago.) There were not that many folks present. Tomorrow morning, there will be sticky rolls available.

The weather has finally moderated and the high was only 82 today. It was very pleasant and many more to come next week.


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