Friday, July 17, 2009

Wind, Wind and More Wind

We are here in north central Iowa and at this time of the year, we'd expect temperatures in the 80s and sometimes in the 90s for a while. What did we get today? It reached 60 degrees and no more, with a steady 25 to 30 mph wind out of the northwest. To put it mildly folks, it was cold.

Needless to say, little was accomplished in our me. Yep, we caught up on some shut eye, both in the AM and PM. I also decided to bundle up with my jacket and rode the shuttle around the grounds to give me a perspective on the rest of the grounds. Tonight when Sandy and I were out for a quick walk, we observed that they were using an old binder to start the harvest in an adjoining wheat field. My first reaction when I saw it was that the people who were doing the shocking were not very skilled. In my days on the farm (years and years ago), my uncles were very careful to make sure that the oats shocks were in a straight line. That way, the horses pulling the rack could just walk straight and the shock would be the proper distance to the rack. (A good team of horses didn't need any direction to walk a straight line. All the stacker needed to do was shout "ge-de-up" to go forward and "woha" for them to stop.)

A few of our hardy souled friends did gather near one motorhome for a social hour at 4 pm. The best part was that one of the ladies had made a couple dozen balls of rice krispes and peanut butter rolled into a ball and then covered with a nice layer of chocolate from a Hershey's bar. It was very good and was a best seller!

Every time we stepped outside, my thought was that at least the wind-farms are happy for the wind.

Tomorrow will be nicer.

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