Thursday, July 2, 2009

Exploring Warrens, WI again

Today was our scouting day for information so that we can host the rolling rally in late September. I think we did pretty good over all. There were a few kinks, like doing the marsh tour on Friday was out (they're getting ready for the big show and tell on Saturday). So we'll do it Saturday morning.
We also drove around and located two restaurants that could serve our needs. We have phone numbers when needed. Just for kicks, we stopped to obtain a price for parking at the Jellystone RV Resort Campground that is between Warrens and the interstate. I guess I'm losing touch with prices. She quoted me only $157.50 for a 3 night stay in late September. By that time, they have already disabled the water park, but you pay full price. I think our choice of the county park is just fine.
Tonight, we're roughing it at a Casino east of Tomah, WI. I really should have stayed in at the Walmart, as the truck noise is very irradiating. (Semi's pull in and leave the motor run for hours.) We considered going to a national wildlife refuge, but camping is not allowed there even in the parking lot. Primitive camping is permitted in the adjoining state refuge, but when we drove in with the Saturn, we decided that the trees were too close (or the road was too narrow.). So here we are. There are two RVs here and currently two trucks. Tomorrow we head to a small city park, either Wilton, La Farge or Viola.

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