Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At the 365 rally on the grounds

Here it is Tuesday and my last blog entry was on Saturday (so I see). Sorry to be so late for you folks.
After being parked on Saturday, we relaxed and did little or nothing. On Sunday it was church at the big Lutheran church here in Forest City. It is similar in design to the church that I went to as a kid with lots of steps up to the front door going in. Of course, there was no problem getting in because of snow and ice in those days. We always enjoy the reaction of people to a visitor to the church. Sadly many people don't know how to greet a stranger and this one is no different.
More rally members arrived for the rally on Sunday and again on Monday. There is lots of room to park everyone if they pay attention to the lay of the land. Some of the areas a just a bit soft from the rains of last week. Needless to say, we are parked and I intend to remain in one spot until the rally is over. Then it is down hill to the gravel road out. A few folks have had some problems, but nothing major yet.
Yesterday also brought our first computer user in for help. So last night we used our usual tried and true solutions and I think we solved his problem. In this case, it was a sneaky malware that really was a nasty thing. On Saturday, we helped a lady get her mother's computer to connect to the grounds wifi. The never ending stream of little things that throw users for a loop with the computer.
Today began bright and shiny, but has sunk into another overcast day with a bit of a southeast breeze

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