Friday, July 3, 2009

Whitetail Crossing Casino to Viola, WI

One night in a small casino is enough! I think we stayed in a casino lot some years ago and it was a big one with RV spaces. In this one, the marked parking was for Semi's and RVs. Needless to say, all was not quiet. But we survived. I guess we got what we paid for!
Our goal this morning was to stay in a small town RV park, first choice was Wilton, WI. When we arrived, the park was nearly filled, with one space at the very entry. We decided to move on. (What I hadn't told Sandy was that one reason I liked the idea of Wilton was because they serve a Pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. I guess No Pancakes again.)

We then headed on down the Kickapoo river valley to the next little burg of La Farge where we had seen a sign earlier about a city campground. We found it, high on a hill again with lots of campers already there. Two things we didn't like about were the site spacing was very tight. I'm not sure two adjoining units could have put the slides out and still have space to walk between units. Plus they were not bashful about the parking rate, $20 a night, plus $5 to dump. So we headed on down the road
Our next opportunity was Viola with a river front mostly open park with 10 sites. Two sites are occupied and we are number three. (But no pancakes and no parade tomorrow.) But they have a very nice dump station -on the wrong side- and the parking rate is only $8. Okay, we can handle that.
An investment advisor for many SKPs has said that the inflation rate for fulltimers like ourselves is much more than the national rate of 3 or 4 percent because of food, fuel and parking rates. It wasn't too long ago that you could hardly find a city park charging more then $10 or $12 a night. Now the norm seems to be $15 and a number are already at $20 a night.
We could get by without park services if there was a decent place to park it because we have a good solar electrical setup. But where to park it then becomes the challenge. I guess we'll continue to pay the fee. Whenever I get a chance, I put in a plug in for cities to provide a bare minimum. They need to skip the little things like fire rings and picnic tables, at least not one for every site. (We never use them.)
It's now nearly 11 AM, so I suspect that it is going to be a quiet day, with lots of computer time.

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