Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 365 Rally is over and now for the Big one.

The pre-Rally gathering by the 365 group is all but over as I write this. A
wine and cheese party tonight to finish off the left overs and that is it.
Was it a success? Well, if you like to eat and eat some more, yes. For
me, I'd like to see a few other things thrown in for activities such as some
tours. We have been privileged to meet a number of nice friendly folks
which will add to the resume of "Haven't we met you before?" as we travel
down the road.

The weather here on the rally grounds is a real challenge for all. On
Tuesday night, we had a short, but sharp rain and wind storm. No damage
anywhere, but enough lightening and thunder to get everyone's attention.
Yesterday (Wednesday) was a very windy day with a northwest cool breeze.
Today it is again a strong NW wind and the projection is the same for
tomorrow. But then the trust worthy, never be wrong weather man is
projecting that we'll have wall to wall sunshine for the weekend. That is
exactly what we'd like to see so that the other 800 rigs can be easily
parked. One good thing about the wind, it dries the soil some. Rigs have
been leaving for service without a problem, so either the soil has firmed up
or the folks are leaning how to drive on spongy soil.

Today we were able to pick up our rally programs and begin to plot out which
seminars we want to attend. We are a presenter for a Monday afternoon
seminar and a second one on Boondocking scheduled for Thursday morning. The
Monday seminar on "Living on the Road" is in competition with 5 other seminars during the same time slot, so we shouldn't be overwhelmed. The Thursday seminar has only
one other seminar in the same time slot. Perhaps by Thursday only the
diehard attendees will be left, so again no overwhelming numbers. It will
be interesting to see how well it goes over. We'll see if Winnebago owners are interested in Boondocking.

This afternoon we had a wine and cheese party at the 365 tent at 4 pm and then a pizza party at the Computer group site. By 5 pm, the wind from the northwest was strong and cold. The pizza order was either too small or some of the early members took more than their fair share. Gene obtained his two allocated slices, but Sandy who kind of waited to be served was only allocated one slice, a bummer. While she was waiting, she observed several members pigging out with three slices. I guess it is a management issue where members have to be told that only two slices per member until all have been served.


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