Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gays Mills to Warrens, WI

After reading about Soldiers Grove last night, we changed our plans and drove the Saturn the 8 miles to Soldiers Grove to look around. They have a campground on the river where the old downtown was. The downtown businesses have relocated to higher ground and all of the buildings are "solar approved". What we found is a town that no longer has an old "main street" of businesses. (The old downtown area in the flood plain is now a big nice city park.)
The campground is nice to say the least with 30 Amp connections and water and plenty of space. Plus only 2 rigs were there today and space for about 20 or more. (We're paying the same fee in Gays Mills for no water and a poor 20 Amp connection.) Next time, we shall be parked in Soldiers Grove. We finally located the "downtown businesses" that are now uptown (and nearly out of town). They are high and dry, with a decided solar style so that they can catch much of the winter sun for heating purposes. In reading the descriptions of the various buildings, they have really emphasized quality building to reduce heating costs. We also located a restaurant for a dinner this fall. It appears that they had a nice grocery store that didn't survive.
We then returned to the motorhome and headed north to Warrens, WI. The roads are narrow and very curvy. But we found Warrens okay and headed to the park where there is hardly a vacant space. We did find a vacant site and made ourselves at home. Later we went for a walk and observed that just about all of the tickets read "Out 7/5". This place will be very dead by the end of next weekend. The other thing that surprised us was how parking is done here. Apparently you can have as many friends park at your site as you wish. So since it is the Fourth of July weekend coming up, someone from a group has arrived early and obtained a site. Later the rest of his group shows up. One group near us has 6 trailers on the site. We also observed some trailers that were parked at a site but not opened up. I guess it works here.
This park also does it differently as to collecting the fees. They only allow real green backs or checks written on Wisconsin banks. No credit cards or out of state checks! Isn't that a bummer.
Tomorrow we explore Warrens and the local area so we can make plans for this fall's caravan/rally.

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