Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday night on the farm

Sometimes blogs are easy to write and sometimes, very difficult. or should we say, little has happened since the last one.

We did get the lawn mowed yesterday, visited with Gene's mother and attended church Saturday evening in Williamsburg. Gene's mother is in declining health, but we found her sitting in her chair, alert and talkative. She does have problems walking and no, we didn't stick around to see how wobbly she is.

Today (Sunday morning), we were up at the crack of dawn so that we could join Sandy's niece for breakfast at St. Luke's hospital cafeteria at 7:30 AM. (That is an hour north of here.) But we made it and had a great visit with Judy. Judy had just finished riding across Iowa as part of the RAGBRIA bike ride. She was the usual Judy with lots of stuff to update us on.

After breakfast, Gene paid his brother (in the hospital) a quick visit. One thing about Gordon is that no matter what, he always has a great attitude. I hope I can react the same way in the face of adversity. It was then into our car and we took Judy and another Coe graduate to the airport to catch a flight. Then it was the long ride back to the farm, stopping in to see Gene's mother again. She was again in her chair, alert and talkative.

This afternoon, we moved the motorhome from the yard on to the lawn, the usual spot when parked here. I like the view better! Gene mowed some more grass and a few other little things. He also found that a swarm of bees have moved into an old waterheater tank. We think they just moved in today, so our intention is to try and smoke them out tomorrow afternoon. That probably won't make us any friends either. But we'll try.

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