Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indian Prairie Campground and yes, we're here

We checked into  the Indian Prairie Campground on Wednesday per our plan.  (They don't open the gate until Wednesday at 8:30 AM.)  There are 18 sites and about half of them were filled by Wednesday evening.

Sites one and two were occupied by a class C rig each, the same rigs that I recall being there a month ago. I'm not sure if they own the site, but obviously, they want those two sites.   They also have two boats tied up in the canal opposite the sites.

Yesterday for reasons unknown, I decided to do some exploring in the reeds and grass behind our rig.  I hadn't walked in more than 50 feet and spotted a plastic garbage container and a red can by it. Upon further inspection, the garbage container had a box with some rope in it.  The red can was a well used accessory fuel can for an outboard motor.  It also had about a gallon of liquid in it.  Since I hate to let anything of value go to waste, I uncovered it from the leaves that were nicely piled around it and carried it out of the brush.  (The gate is right behind our rig.)

I was hardly through the gate when I heard a voice from the far end of the campground yelling at me to put it back, it was his can!  I could see the fellow waving his arms etc.  So I decided to not argue and returned the fuel can to its secured location.  I thought that perhaps I'd get a visit from him later in the day, but no  luck.  I suspect that he essentially lives in the campground, moving out only to keep the county happy and is right back when they open the gate for him.  It wouldn't surprise me if he actually parks his RV in the boat launch parking lot!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings were very quiet  around here.  But by Friday afternoon, the campground came to life in a way we'd rather not have.  One fellow not too far away ran his generator for an extended period   until 11 PM.   Plus 3 or 4 boat owners came in and pitched several tents at the far end of the campground.  They even came prepared with a "one holer tent" since there are no bathroom facilities in the campground.  But their music was not loud so no complaints.    Today, the place was alive with activity.  They obviously have lots of friends that know they are here.

Early this morning, they were up and out in the boats.  They were very considerate in the water until they cleared the last fishing boat near the campground.  They then floored the throttle and headed out to the big lake.  Needless to say, airboats make a lot of noise. They have a V-8 engine with 500 plus HP with only a 2 foot pipe on each exhaust port.  They do make a racket when running wide open.

However, tonight all is quiet.  The neighbor has not started his old generator and the party at the end of the campground might be too far away to bother us.  I'm happy.

To top our day off, the temperature was up to 82 today and is only to nose dive to about 62 tonight.  We can handle those ranges very well!


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