Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moore Haven to Shanty Pond (Ocala N.F., FL)

We spent two nights at an RV park in Moore Haven and it was nice. Sandy made me some fresh muffins one morning, how tasty. Plus we could refill our water tank and empty the holding tanks. Then yesterday was a travel day.

The route we chose was to stay on highway 27 all the way north until it hooked up with highway 19 into Ocala National Forest. We had been on it before and it is a divided  four lane road, very good. No overpasses or modern exit ramps, but we can live with normal crossroad exits. Well, we learned that there are other factors. The first 100 miles wasn't bad, but then when we were in the heart of Florida, it became a bummer. It was still a good 4 lane road. The problem was that there was a stop light almost every mile. You don't make much time on the road when you have to slow down for the lights.

We finally got to highway 19 going north and while it was a simple 2 lane road, it only had one light per 10 miles or so. We can handle that. The drive to our destination on the north side of the forest was then uneventful. And what a joy to arrive. Five other couples are already here, so it was old home week. We had met them previously on other rendezvous. Plus we were just in time for the social hour at 4 pm, so even better.

Last night we joined the group for the after dinner  fire circle. It is a time to solve all of the worlds problems. For the most part, we sat in and listened.

Today is our day to visit the post office and pick up our mail. It will be interesting to see if it is here or elsewhere. Much to our surprise a couple of years ago, we found out that there are 2 (or maybe 3) post offices here with the same zip code. When we came through this area last fall, our mail ended up at Salt Springs, not Fort McCoy like it was addressed. Today, my guess will be that the mail will be at Fort McCoy, so we either drive there to get it or wait another day. At least, it should be closeby.

Today is to be a relaxing day  otherwise.   We hope to visit with friends we haven't seen in a year or two.


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