Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winding Down at DuPuis Water Management District

We've been here about two weeks, relaxing and enjoying the world as it passes us by. Of course, Florida also had some cool (or cold) weather so it did curtail our outdoor activities plus caused us to use an extra couple of blankets at night.

We have a slight difference between us. When it is cool, I love piling on the blankets (weight). Sandy needs the warmth of the blankets, but detests the weight factor. I've suggested that we need one of those spreads that our daughter has for her beds. It is very light weight, fits a king sized bed (way too big) and is fantastically warm. Okay, if we could get one, the sewing machine and a scissors would make quick work of the size. I think she is concerned “where do we store the monster?”

The campground has about 8 or 10 rigs in it currently. There have been four or five horse trailers about every weekend. We also see them during the day but rarely over night. It rained a little bit three or four days ago, but hardly enough to get things wet. This sandy soil readily soaks up any moisture.

On Wednesday, we're leaving here and heading to a little county park on the NW side of Lake Okeechobee. It is only about a 40 mile trip, but hopefully we'll meet up with some of our boondocking Escapee friends.  This morning for some absent minded reason, I decided to lift the cover to the LP tank and read the tank level gauge.  OUCH. It wasn't just down to the E but below the E.  But being a bit of a gambler, we decided to stick around for this morning at least.   (I did alert Sandy that the heater might go out.)   All was still well by noon when I returned from my eagle watch, so we decided to hang tight till morning.  If the refrigerator starts beeping in the middle of the night, I'll know why!

We do most of our grocery shopping at Walmart as we travel. One of our frustrations here in Florida is that so often the Walmart grapefruit and oranges are not locally grown. So two weeks ago we bought some grapefruit at a local fruit stand. They were the pits, small and obviously old. Sunday we stopped at another fruit stand in Okeechobee and their grapefruit looked like the same age relics. So we went on. We stopped at a flea market nearby and I made a quick (very quick) walk through. (It was early enough that few people were there yet.) To make my day, at the end of the line, there was a vendor selling fruits and vegetables and they were very good quality. To top it off, his price was rock bottom. I love my grapefruit!


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