Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We've got TV

We've got TV

Okay, we did it yesterday morning. We went to SAM's Club here in Yuma and after measuring the power consumption of both the 19 inch model and the 23 inch model, we opt'd to go with the 23 inch unit, a Vizio. We then spent yesterday afternoon hooking it up. For now, it is suspended under the built in TV, but eventually it will replace the built in unit. Sooner, but probably not until we're back on the farm.

Also yesterday morning, we parted with more cash by ordering a “back up TV camera-monitor system” The hold up was that we have no address to get it delivered to us here at Yuma or elsewhere for the next several weeks. But a call to a UPS store confirmed that we can have it delivered to the local distribution center, marked for hold for pickup. We can do that. It turns out that the UPS center is right across the street at the fairgrounds where we'll be next week. So it can't get any more convenient than that.

Having accomplished those two big goals, today was “take it easy” day. We did enjoy watching GMA on ABC this morning for 30 minutes. I measured the power consumption of the TV and it is only 2.3 Amps of 12 volts. That is less power than each of my dual lamp florescent lights consume here in the motorhome. That is incredible! Am I happy? You bet I am. Tonight we watched the ABC world news, the first time in weeks.

Friends arrived unexpectedly this afternoon. They just returned from a rally into Mexico and we're really excited about how it went. Considering all of the problems with killings in Mexico, it is a joy to know that they have not bothered the tourist or RV traveler. Just for safety, all are advised to never park alone over night and to travel in groups if at all possible.

Tomorrow we go shopping for LED lamps at the local shop in the flea market that everyone talks about.



  1. Congratulations on the new TV! Is it a color or black and white?
    Marianne and Gene

  2. Wow! I love this energy stuff. Keep me informed on more. Someday, I hope to grow up to be like you. Mexico killings .... what is that?

  3. The TV is color, fantastic clarity "VIZIO"

    the number of killings in Mexico are unreal. All drug territory wars between gangs. The state department strongly suggests we not visit. Gene