Friday, March 26, 2010

It has been a WINDY day

What a difference a day makes in the weather. Yesterday, it was moderate and sunny. Today it would have been sunny except for the dust in the air. At noon they said we had continuous winds to 44 mph and gusts to about 60 mph. Folks, that is a real wind. So we didn't do anything outside today. Even walking to the club house into the wind was real work.

The larger magnets I ordered came in via UPS and I'm very pleased. However, we have already been pinched by them. The safety sheet that came in the box said to always wear gloves when handling the magnets; I didn't and have paid the price. The magnets are 1 inch in diameter and 3/8 of an inch thick. Yes, they have lots of attraction force. However, we didn't try them on the sunscreen because of the severe wind. Maybe tomorrow.

I noticed that one of my readers thought we were going to Nebraska (NE) to see the Trinity test site. What I meant to say is that it is about a hundred miles northeast (NE) of here. We will head out on Thursday or Friday, tour the site on Saturday and then pick a route into the frigid Midwest. I sure hope it warms up soon.

Perhaps it is time to quite writing and watch the basketball games One of my problems is that the local station seems to switch between the Northern Iowa and Michigan game and the Purdue and Duke game. I'm sure glad I'm not involved with either one other than I'm pulling for Northern Iowa.


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