Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reconsidering our Shed Decision

Okay, yesterday we decided that a shed was out of the question after realizing the impact of the transformer on its location. So today we talked with the prospective renter who said, "No shed? We have to have a shed!" So the deal fell through.

Back at our motorhome, we emailed another party that the lot was available. The response we got was very simple, "We found another lot with a shed and took it for the next season." So now Sandy and I are wondering if we really made the right decision to not have a shed. It appears that a shed is especially desirable if one wants to get "full season" renters. As the first couple said (and I don't disagree with them) we're so used to putting the bikes and chairs and other stuff in the shed, we couldn't do without it.

Tomorrow we take the tape measure and make some very precise measurements about a shed placement. What if we went with a smaller shed? Before this is over, it is probably another trip into town to Home Depot to see what shed sizes are available and how soon we can get one. They stock some sizes, but not all of them.

In the meantime, we're enjoying ourselves outside of the park. Tonight, I decided that there ought to be more TV channels than our new TV was finding. So we hooked up the old TV and the converter box. Yes, there are more channels there and the new TV is not finding them. So now what do we do? I guess we call the factory first. If we're still not happy, we have to decide if we want to return the TV to SAM's Club. We bought it in Yuma 10 days ago and I'm hoping that we could return it to a SAM's Club here in the Phoenix area if need be (there are 8 SAMS Club's there.) We like the size and small amount of power to needs. We don't like the slow channel updating and the lack of a signal strength option to align the antenna. More frustrations!!!!


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