Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back at Sunscape RV Resort

We left the truck-stop at Gila Bend this morning early. It has been a while since we stayed in a truck stop and the good lord willing, it will be a long time before we do it again. The engine noise from the idling trucks was too much. (The trucks were at least 100 yards away.)

On our way, we stopped at the Flying J south of here in Eloy to top off our fuel tank. Perhaps I should say, "fill it". it was nearly 500 plus miles. The Flying J has a separate series of pumps for RVs, and we try to avoid using them unless we can see that there is no line. There was a line, so we pulled into the automotive area and used the pumps on the outside. All went well and we were filled. Upon leaving, we ducked into the car parking lot and was nearly trapped by another RV.

Upon reaching our old RV park, Sunscape RV Resort, we parked outside along the south fence line and walked in. We found a couple of vacant lots and made some phone calls. In the end, we decided to remain in the area we were. As we left, we talked to one of the lot owners along the fence if it was okay if we parked outside of his lot. It was no problem for him and he even offered to give us a power cord to use.

There is a Park issue about parking outside of the park along the south road fence. It seems that some of the members feel it is wrong and have complained to the board of Directors. The directors are now checking to see if the road bank is governed by the county or the park. The real issue is that folks that own a lot in the park interior have to pay to store their RV during the winter. Residents along the south fence line have stored their RVs free of charge outside of the fence.

We returned to the park supposedly to pick up our building permit and build a shed on our lot. The permit was approved with one little stipulation: That is that the shed must be at least 5 feet from the power company transformer sitting on the lot corner. To meet the 5 foot distance, we would have to move the shed about 3 or 4 feet inward. We did some preliminary measuring and decided that perhaps a shed shouldn't be done this year. Actually, we could have rented our lot 3 or 4 times, so even with a shed, it doesn't appear to make any difference in the rent-ability of the lot. So why build it?

With that decision made, we relaxed. We'll spend 2 or 3 days here (free parking) visiting friends before moving on to a Boondockers Rendezvous about 200 miles east of here. The weather is beautiful.


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