Thursday, March 18, 2010

It is Tax time

It is tax time

We decided that today is the day to really get serious about finishing out taxes. What a pain. Actually it was pretty decent for me, as we delegated much of the effort to Sandy. For the last 3 or 4 years, she has expressed a degree of frustration that she doesn't understand the details of all of the numbers. So we know what the best way to learn is? Of course, let her do it. So that is exactly what we did (or let her do with our help.)

For starters, we have printed out a complete listing of our Quicken records that apply to our taxes. One got-ya was that the font I used was a shade too large and it placed one column on another page. A bit of a pain, but we can live with it. As we paw through the Quicken records, it has also become very obvious to Sandy that the Quicken output is exactly what goes in. One item that drove us nuts for a moment (big moment) was that she had created a few duplicate sub-categories with slightly different headings. Eventually, I think we have it sorted out and the Quicken entries moved around to where they ought to be.

This PM we put Quicken aside and went for a walk on the desert. This area is not bad for walking, but you have to watch your steps, otherwise, one just might meet up with a cactus or twist an ankle on a rock.

With our Taxes nearly done, I made a comment to Sandy that our next project needs to be the wind screen for the front window. (We purchased the material about 3 months ago and the needed magnets last week.) Sadly, I didn't detect any real enthusiasm for the project. Her first reaction was that we needed to be plugged in to run the sewing machine. I reminded her that we had plenty of solar power. We hope to get that project started soon, perhaps by ??.

Supposedly, we hit 82 degrees yesterday and today was slightly cooler. We can handle that.


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