Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back on the Desert, Safford, AZ

We gave up on building a shed on our lot in Casa Grande. We did explore the idea of finding a smaller shed that would fit on the pad. But in the end, it appears that the lot will rent with or without a shed. So the logical thing to do is not do the shed now. We also decided to list it for rent and saying that we were only looking for a seasonal renter and if we don't have a seasonal renter by August 1, then we'll entertain a renter for a shorter period of time.

We left our neat parking space along the road this morning and headed north to Globe, AZ and then southeast to Safford, AZ to join a group of Escapee Boondockers at a Rendezvous. We arrived just in time for dinner, an Irish Corn beef and cabbage plus deserts. It was a great way to meet a lot of folks. Afterward, we played a game of bean bag baseball. We lost!

Afterward, we visited with some of the members around the fire ring before Gene became chilled and headed in. As we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that the battery use meter indicated that we had really have been very light electric users tonight. Of course, it was also an early bedtime reading. In short, there is power left to run the TV, had I wanted to.

Incidentally, we heard back from the tech support people about our problem. They said it sounds like we need a line amp to bring the signal up. Okay, they didn't explain why the standard digital converter works fine on the line. We then called the store where we bought the TV and they tell us that we have 90 days to try it. Also, we can return it to any SAM's Club store. So one less thing to worry about right now. We will give it a good test.

My complaints: Poor sensitivity; No channel quality selection to help zero in the rotating antenna, and a slow tuner response time. Otherwise, it works great.

It is late; I'm tired; Enough for tonight.


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