Monday, February 8, 2010

We made it to the SLABS

We left Patton's Museum dry campground this morning after 4 nights. We loved it for the price and I could do with a bit less of the highway music. The campground is about a quarter of a mile north of the interstate, but with no trees to block the sound, it comes through loud and clear.

Yesterday we toured some of the Joshua Tree National Park. We wanted to tour the old farm, but because of the rains last Friday, they claimed that it was flooded. So no tour. We went to another area for a short hike and gave up on it because we didn't feel like climbing the boulders. Okay, they were not large ones, but it was wet footing and a fairly strong breeze.

Tonight we're in what some call “Slab City” near Niland, CA. The place is about as we remembered it with a different set of folks. The regular fellow that we met 2 years ago isn't here and we miss his updates. So we'll make some new friends. As another camper said this afternoon, “the price is right”. They were going to a private park west of here that had a hot water spring and decided not to because of the campground daily rate of $38 per night. That hurts when this place is free, just pick out a spot that you like.

For those that don't know about it, you can pick just about any kind of environment that you like. We're in an area that is very clean (no garbage) and with some brush on the ground. (When I asked Sandy about my description, she kind of wrinkled her nose. I guess it is not quite as good as I thought.)We do have nice neighbors, one of them invited us over for visiting this evening. We met them 3 years ago at a rally and we had a brief meeting with them in a Walmart Parking lot last fall. We had a great visit after so many years.

More later.


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