Friday, February 12, 2010

We're surviving in the SLABS

I've decided that today we ought to show you a little bit of what the SLABS is all about. Since I'm not sure about the photos I took, today we'll do the nice photos. This is our motorhome parked in a fairly decent area. The greenery is from desert bushes (or scrub trees) that seem to thrive in this dry climate.

I was going to take a photo of the alternative area, but I was walking and every alternative seemed to have a live person around, so I didn't want to be so obvious. Tomorrow, we'll have a photo or two of the alternative parking areas.

Today we did our milk run to a town 25 miles south called Brawley. It is the one community I've seen where the traffic lights are not operated based upon a road sensor. We left Walmart at noon and the traffic was a bear. We finally went off route and headed through the residential area and made good time. Of course, Sandy's GPS kept saying "Off route, re-calculating" as I ignored its suggestions and headed out via dead-reckoning! Yes, we ended up exactly where I wanted to be.

The photo may also impact the blog load time. I hope not too much.


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