Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Complacent here at the Slabs

We have been here a week plus and already we seem like old timers. For one thing, all of the people we have met here were mostly like ourselves, that is, either their first time, or maybe once before. We did meet one couple that have been here about 10 years, starting with a couple of days, then returning for a week, then a month and now two or three months. They leave tomorrow.

It is an interesting culture here. In the area we are in, there is little trash and lots of space between rigs. From the photos of a day or two ago, you can also tell that there is no right way or wrong way to park. The rule is 'just park it where you feel comfortable.”

The real downer is that in times past there has been some real scum from society here. People that just plain live like pigs Unfortunately, some of that is most obvious when you drive into the slab section..

Today, Sandy and I took a drive to a place called 'Salton City”, which is on the other side of the Salton sea. When you look at a map of Salton City, you'd think that it has 50 to 100 thousand folks in town. But when you get there, no more then a thousand, counting the snowbirds. Some developer had big plans, put in all of the infrastructure and it seems that he sold one lot in about every block. So there is lots of green (brown) space between houses. They are still trying to sell lots, but few takers. This place was advertised as the next “Palm Springs”, only bigger and better. They claim that the lake level went down, algae formed, the water stunk and in general, it was not a pleasant place to live in for some time. So it is not the paradise so claimed.

On our return trip, we stopped at a Wildlife refuge and then visited a “Paint Pot” field owned by a farmer. This field is only about 20 acres, but would rival the mud pots in Yellowstone. What is un-nerving is that there are no walk-ways, guarded paths or the like. Enter at your own risk.

Tomorrow is another day!


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