Sunday, February 14, 2010

The other View of the SLABS

Okay, the previous blog was with our RV mainly in the photo and you could see some of the background Slab area. Actually, it is pretty clean in our area, no garbage, cans etc. But there are a few areas that are otherwise. My guess was that one site out of 10 are the pits. Sandy thought I was too generous and it should be more like one site out of five that are the pits! So here is a photo of one which occupies an entire slab and is really the pits.

I also went upon the roof of our RV and took a couple of photos that will give you a better “lay of the land” around here. It is quiet, or very peaceful, no disturbing music, dogs barking etc. Considering that there is no management, it is kind of amazing how nice it is.

Today was time to empty the tanks and fill with fresh water again (after two weeks). So we pickup up, compressed the sides and drove into Niland to use the facilities at the Chamber of Commerce grounds. While there, we bought another dollars worth of Grapefruit, 4 for one dollar. They are very nice!

While dumping, we learned that we indeed have a leaking holding tank drain valve. So when we were done, I tried to exercise it well in hopes that it will seal this time. I can think of nicer things to do besides trying to change a valve out here.

It is President's Day weekend and unlike previous years, we see a decided increase in RV traffic here on the road. The bigger traffic item is the bicycles on the road, lots and lots of them. I don't know where they are camping, but they are not in this area. Thankfully, only one has his boombox along and the volume is cranked up.



  1. Where are the people? It looks like a ghost town.

  2. Gene are you sure you didn't take that first pic in downtown PELLA, IA?

  3. Sadly, the top photo looks like Kent, Iowa, right before they unincorporated the town.