Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Lazy Days of an Early Fall

Okay, Labor Day has just passed us by, the summer is over and it is now Fall. The problem here is that I've lost most of my go go incentive. In short, I'm not being a good steward of my time. Yes, we keep busy, doing little things around the motorhome, things that need to happen before we hit the road and especially hit the road for points south.

We've tidied up a few things more on the new batteries. I'm really very happy with my solar/battery combination. Of course, we're not really over working them at the moment either. We only use about 50 to 60 Amp-Hours in an evening of the allowable 220, out of the total 440 A-H in the batteries. In other words, we could load them much heavier, and from the looks of the recovery, the solar would get them back to fully charged before dinner. Presently, the recharge is complete by noon at the earliest and usually by 1 PM. On cloudy or overcast days, it has been as late at 2:30 PM. (In other words, if I loaded them heavy for a couple of days, we might not get them back up in a day or two.

Today we pulled the batteries out and redid some of the cables. At one time, I was going to make 4 new cables, but after looking at it again, we only are making one new cable and reusing everything we took out. I also got out the steel brush and polished the terminals so that we now have very good connections.

We've also had fantasticially nice fall weather!


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