Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Saturday Again (So Soon)

It is hard to believe it, but we're into another weekend already. How time flies (don't they say that when you're having fun?). The good thing about it being Saturday is that our being squeezed or poked is over. Now we await the results of the blood tests so that we can get real serious about running out (i.e. south). (ups, we need our teeth cleaned, scheduled in two weeks.)

Last Thursday, I spent a good two hours cutting brush along the road in one of the fields. I was hoping to finish the job, but my estimating skills have really gone wacky. I've got two more days (2 hour stretch) of cutting. The trees are not big, typically about an inch in diameter, but there is one every foot or so. My plan is to cut them this fall before they drop their leaves and then use a gas torch next sprint and kill the new growth and all of the very small trees. If we get back in time, we'll burn the whole road bank which would be the best solution.

I was to go back today and cut some more trees, but I've chickened out. Sandy is doing the laundry and I'm doing the final touches to a computer for my uncle. We fixed him up with a computer years ago and periodically, I have to do something to get it back to speed. Usually it is running Ad-aware, Spy-Bot and CCleaner and we're good to go. This time, I decided to reformat the drive. Good idea, but it has some inherent risks, like did I save everything.
I think we saved it all, but now my problem is putting it back. Outlook Express tells me where everything is stored, but the folder is not there. I'm missing something.

Also on Thursday, we went into a friends place and he used his torch to help me solder the terminals onto my new ground wire for the batteries. For reasons unknown, my torch refused to put out enough heat. So in the next day or two in the afternoon (when I can work in the shade), I'll replace my temporary cable, seal all of the connections with a sealer and say it is finished. I'm anxious to see how they perform this winter when we're boondocking.

Isn't it the joy of expectations that keeps us going?


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