Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day One of our Caravan Rally

Monday was our gathering day and what a Monday. The north winds started blowing Sunday night and continued all day Monday. Thankfully, we're parked, as are two other couples that came in Sunday (or sooner). One couple came in from Des Moines and was kind of wiped out, very bad driving. One couple had step problems and was delayed. They eventually called in again and were fifty miles out and pushing severe winds. They didn't want to park in the park at night and were headed to the Walmart. However, the Decorah Walmart does not allow overnight. (I'm sure it is a city ordinance, and since the city owns the campground, why allow any competition.) They are going to stop earlier some where.

Our beginning event was a potluck, outdoors, which we moved to inside of our rig. We had 8 people and it worked well. The caravan is part of the Iowa Chapter of the Escapee's RV club. It is going from Decorah, Iowa to Warrens, Wisconsin, where we're going to learn about cranberries. On the way, we're taking in the apple orchards of Gays Mills, Wisconsin. Our other highlight is stopping at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, which is a Corps of Engineers project gone bad and finally resurrected as an outdoor nature center. There is lots of camping, but mostly by walking, canoeing, or horseback riding. We think RVs are kind of left out. We'll find out in a couple of days.

Tuesday is touring, first to the local Norwegian museum, then to a perennial gardener/seller north of here, then to a Seedsaver operation north of town. It will be a busy day.


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