Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Here it is Wednesday already and we're slowly working our way towards the end of the month. Yesterday was a big day for Gene, his yearly medical exam, otherwise known as "getting the finger from the doctor". But we're happy to report all is well. (For years I didn't understand the purpose of the exam, but now that I know the reason and the outcome if ignored, it is a lot easier to accept, but never fun!)

We continue to keep tabs on our solar and battery system. The charger is turned off and the only method of recharging the batteries is via the solar panels. They are doing very well. About a week or so ago, we had two or three days of overcast cloudy conditions. As a result, the batteries were not getting back to the fully charged state by 5 pm, when we start draining them again in the evening. On the second or third day, I broke down and enabled the charger for 30 minutes, which put us into the fully recovered state.

I noticed this morning that while it is bright and sunny out at 7:45 AM, the panels were not charging. I finally did some looking and found that there is a tall slender green ash tree between the panels and the sun. So we don't get any solar output until about 8:15 AM when the sun moves over or around the tree. At that hour, the charge rate is very small, but it is always nice to see amps going into the battery verses out. To solve the problem, it is either cut the tree or move the motorhome. We'll probably do neither!

Fall is definitely in the air now. Our farmstead is in the middle of a soybean field and the beans are starting to turn yellow in spots. At this time of year, the fields are almost blotchy with areas of yellow among the green. Obviously, the slight soil differences make a difference in how things grow. In other cases, the yellow is in strips, indicating that something wasn't done right years ago. But in another week, all will be hidden again.

It is morning and another beautiful day here in the heart of America, God bless this wonderful land.


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