Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ouch, the cold wave is arriving tonight!!!!!

Well, winter is showing us that it can get cold around here.  Supposedly, we'll have frosty temperatures by morning.   But we have hope that in a couple of days (they promised us), the daytime temperatures will be back into the 70s.  What I really love is that the night time temperatures are to be in the lower 60s.  Folks, that isn't bad!

Supposedly, there was a drive way sale this morning.  However, after having pancakes in the club house, I walked all of the streets.  Not one lot was selling anything.  I'm beginning to think that the only  place for fleas is the market about 15 miles east at the little town of Webster.

It is to be bone chilling cold until  Monday morning.   My neighbor has a new fangled TV antenna  that he claims works like "gang busters".  We need one, as this piece of junk we have is a sad  excuse for an antenna.  I originally thought it worked well, but we're currently not happy.

So here is a short blog.


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