Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time Marches on even if I don't

Looking at the history file, I see that it has been over a week since I've posted a blog.  Woh, time flies when you're having fun.  Only in this case, it was more opportunities or challenges.

A week ago Monday we went to the Webster Flea market 10 miles east of here to acquire a super-duper TV antenna.  It had all of the bells and whistles that we thought it should have and the price was reasonable.  So we bought one, just like 6 others in this park have done over the course of the winter.

Once back at our rig, it was dive in and check it out.  However, nothing went right. We had no picture on the TV and it was a wipe-out.  Eventually the neighbor offered to substitute his unit for mine and presto, we had a picture on the TV.  It took a couple of days for us to realize that the red light on the antenna head wasn't illuminating like it should.  So while the rotator part worked, the amplifier part wasn't.   So a call to their tech support only offered me a replacement board for cost since I didn't have a receipt number.  Rather then pay and wait a week, it was easier to just return our unit to the seller at the flea market and get a replacement.

So Monday morning, we were off to the flea market again.   We thought it was busy a week ago, but it was nothing compared to this Monday    We expected a bigger crowd since it was President's weekend and it was bigger.  But we made it into the market and found our dealer.

Of course, he denied that it could be bad and said he'd hook it up and show us.  Yes, they hooked it up and yes, the light didn't come on. "Oh, that means it is a bad cable" was his response!  So he grabbed a replacement cable and hooked it up.  (I wanted to see it work.)  He finally got the new cable unwrapped and installed.  Then without making an issue of it or an apology or anything, he quietly told his wife to "get them a new unit".   So finally, we left with a new unit under our arms.

Back at our rig, we proceeded to hook up the replacement and it works.  Will we like it?  I'm not sure at this stage.  The built in rotator does not have a read out as to where it is pointed, and that is a big short coming.  It would not be a problem with the old style TV format, but it is a problem with the new digital format.  The TV takes so long to lock in, that the antenna has rotated past the opium direction.   It has an automatic reversal but who knows where it will be pointed.   It won't be a problem if we mount it on top of our old mount and manually point it.

With the TV issues put to bed, yesterday was my turn to get under the weather. It is an inner ear infection that I've had before.  It makes walking difficult because I get dizzy.  But we had some pills left over from the last time it occurred 3 years ago and we took some.  Later in the day, I was so tired.  Sandy checked on what the side effects were.  One of them is being extremely tired!   That certainly was me yesterday.  But today it is a whole new world.  (And we are up-right and not spinning!)

Today is to be a busy day.  Sandy says it is time to do the laundry (I'm out of fresh clothes) and we need groceries.   Perhaps tomorrow we leave for Shanty Pond in Ocala National Forest and more boondocking with our friends.   I'm ready!


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