Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th Weekend, and We're taking it easy

Here it is almost July 4th on the farm and the corn is growing; Also the beans and the weeds.  But we'd expect that with nearly ideal growing weather.  (I think the ideal growing temperature is right at 90 degrees, which we've been flirting with almost daily last week and again this week.)

This morning we decided that to  keep me out of the sun, I needed to help Sandy with the laundry at a neighboring town.  While there, we got a call from our custom operator that the neighbor's horses were out in our bean field.  So we finished the laundry, had lunch and then we headed to the farm field where the horses were out.   When we arrived, I could see that the horses were in the barn.   So we really didn't have to do a thing.  (The neighbor who called Larry had been unable to reach the horse owners earlier.)  But the old saying that "All is well that ends well" was certainly true in this case.  (The neighbor had returned home, saw the problem and corralled the horses.  Actually they followed his wife in when she went out to get them.)

Yes, we drove a few miles, but it was good to see that field of beans.  They were planted about a week before the beans here were planted.  Surprisingly, they are about a foot taller.  Now our goal is to get them sprayed. The weeds are coming on strong also.

 It has been a very productive week here on the farm.   The county delivered about 20 to 30 truck loads of fill removed from the local road ditches, so we have two holes filled in the old barn yard and the third hole well on the way to being filled.   It will look a lot nicer and just be more lawn to mow (if we continue to mow it.)

Later this week, we pack up and head for northern Iowa for the Winnebago "Grand National Rally" in Forest City.   Sandy has spent hours honing her computer presentations.  It  gives her a mission in life to help more seniors understand their computer!

For myself, I think there ought to be a federal law that a program can enhance a previous model, but it must not change the look or feel of the program.   (Microsoft has been a master of disguise at changing the look and feel of Windows.  Those minor changes have cost this world millions in lost time by forcing people to relearn all the things that are the same, but just a little different!}


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