Sunday, July 10, 2011

At the Rally

We left Rockford, IA yesterday at 10 AM and arrived at Forest City for the rally at 12:15 PM.   It wasn't that far, just typical Iowa county roads.   We could have left sooner, but  the travel management advisor said that there was no hurry since we couldn't enter the grounds until 1 PM.   So  to kill some time at Rockford in the morning, we went out to a county park called Prairie and Fossil park.  It is the only park we have seen where the sign says "NO to all of the typical things, except picking up fossils.  You may collect all the fossils you care to and we saw a fellow with his 10 year old son doing just that.

The only problem at Forest City was that there were about 200 other coaches also wanting to enter the grounds at the same time.  So we parked it at the end of the line and visited with friends, an activity that I most enjoy.

The line up finally began moving at 1:05 PM, about a hundred feet at a time, which bugs me.   I'd rather not start the engine unless we can make major strides.   Any way, we finally entered the gate and paid for our early parking at 2:30 PM and we didn't get parked until about 2:45 PM.  After getting parked and setup, we plenty of opportunity to visit with our new neighbors.

I had a whole list of things that I wanted to mention, but as per usual, my mind is blank now.  So I guess we'll cut this off and head outside to visit with our neighbors under the big awning!


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